Artist Statement

Through my work I am able to express my thoughts and emotions from different periods of my life particularly my childhood. The techniques I use allow color and movement to unfold the many moments and schemas within my unconsciousness. Each body of work holds a unique anecdote that can convey a personal connection to the viewer’s own experiences.

I have found through intense study of psychology that much of human behavior derives from our process of development from our childhood. The many events and accounts that have taken place in our lives build a pattern of learned behavior that is finally imbedded into our normal and maladaptive actions and reactions.

Ultimately through my work I yearn to achieve a purer sense of early level innocence. This earlier state allows me to transcend into a field of surreal imagery. I am able to build a visual understanding of the direct connection from my unconsciousness into my present consciousness. Through this hyper insightful personalization I find a safer environment that is free from anxiety and struggle. I am then capable of removing all unwanted thoughts, feelings and memories that have been repressed and regurgitate them directly onto a canvas. This process is a highly therapeutic experience.

The physical labor and creative artistic process that is exerted in each piece stems from my dedication to fully exhausting every creative possibility.